Sharing concept and control tower model

by Gregor Wilson

Programme Manager

Our client in Qatar was operating on an outdated model resulting in inefficient processes. Through delivery of a consultancy-based service and use of Lighthouse to implement more efficient processes and digitise the client’s supply chain, the client has benefited from greater efficiency and cost savings. Lighthouse played a significant role in this, resulting in a reduction in administrative load and greater transparency in the supply chain. Read the full case study below.


We previously carried out a study for the client in 2018 to investigate the efficiency of the logistics operations of all operators active in Qatar. The results showed that significant savings could be made through greater collaboration in the logistics supply chain.

The client owns approximately 70% of all joint ventures in Qatar, meaning they have a significant incentive to join forces and share logistics with onshore and offshore platforms. However, inefficient processes and procedures made this a challenge for the client.

We have since worked with the client to optimise their outdated model by delivering consultancy services and IT systems from our Lighthouse technology suite.

Peterson Approach

An experienced team is working in Qatar to apply our tried and tested processes and procedures from other regions in a local context. The team have successfully implemented our pooling concept, which has been active in the Southern North Sea (SNS) since 1995, and our Control Tower model, as well as integration with Helicopter operations. This has been delivered through a consultancy-based approach with the use of our suite of technology. The approach taken is modular and most recently involved the introduction of our Voyage solution for real time capture, visibility and reporting of all in and out of port vessel activities.

Since working with the client, the team have delivered a pre go live phase, involving the implementation of processes and procedures that needed to be in place before sharing. The team also assisted with the implementation of the sharing process and the digitisation of the client’s supply chain.

The model that the team have implemented in Qatar is 4PL, with no assets owned.


By successfully applying our knowledge and expertise to the market in Qatar, we have delivered significant improvements for our client. Our Lighthouse technology suite played a large role in this, resulting in a reduction in administrative load and greater transparency in the supply chain.

Improved HSE performance has also been acheived since working with the client to optimise their processes and procedures, as well as a reduction in operating expenses and capital expenditures due to increased operational efficiency.

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