Real-time data for enhanced decision making

Utilising data from our best-in-class industry developed Lighthouse ecosystem, Lighthouse Insights delivers customers, real time access to operational insights and key performance data to support enhanced decision making, through a single customer focused portal.

Real-time and transparent

Data is fed to Lighthouse Insights via the various Lighthouse applications in real (or near to), real-time. It provides transparency to its customers. What operations see, the customer sees.


The dashboards, reports and insights delivered within the portal are all built and designed customer first.


Anonymised benchmarking across key KPIs provides customers with insights into their own performance, providing an opportunity to improve processes and behaviours.

Key features

Role based security to ensure data remains segregated and secure

The portal is regularly updated
with new content

Billing scenario testing
before locking output

Built on the latest
Microsoft technology

Access to real time data streamlines operations and customer meetings

Supports improved decisions
through data

Insights integrates seamlessly

Lighthouse Insights is not available as a standalone product, however where appropriate it can be securely integrated with additional customer data to enhance insights.










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