Easy management of cargo transport requests

Built for a vessel pooling environment, Request consolidates and manages offshore, cargo transport requests, scheduling, and voyage allocation. Reducing the number of voyages required to serve cargo demand and having a positive impact on CO2 emissions.

Sailing scheduling

Draft and publish yearly, monthly and weekly sailing schedules.

Cargo planning

Manage multiple cargo movement requirements across clients and allocate to the most suitable voyage schedule.

Improve deck space utilisation

Consolidate cargo movement requirements to ensure maximum use of vessel deck space reducing CO2 emissions and the number of sailings required to support cargo demand.

Key features

Create cargo request tagged with ‘time on location’ requirements

Capture material level details

One solution
for multiple customers cargo movement requirements

Cargo request version on control

Track percentage of cargo
arrived at quayside

Set a deadline for cargo list changes and approval workflow for any late requests

Request integrates seamlessly

Request can be used as a standalone application or integrated with Flow to provide a direct transfer of data from Requests consolidated list of cargo to a formal manifest in Flow, ready to be run through the quayside management process.




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