Complete management of backload cargo

Manage acts as a digital bridge between transport and quayside operations by providing the quayside team with a more granular view of backload cargo currently on the quayside (including dangerous goods, high-cost rentals, bumped items). The application supports the team to ensure items are returned to the vendor within agreed client KPIs.

High-cost rental tracking

Complete visibility of all High-Cost rental item, duration at quay, location on quay, arrival and dispatch dates.

In the field process management

Process is managed by the people closest to operations in the field, to ensure optimised backload management.

KPI management

Full traceability of all backload cargo to ensure cargo return KPI compliance.

Key features

Stop release of uncleared (customs) cargo items until clearance is given

Actual weight visibility of items to remove forklift overloading

Manage multiple sites from one application

Storage and laydown information tagged against items to allow for location at site tracking

Duration at quay tracking for all cargo

Ability to manage
live load cargo

Manage integrates seamlessly

Manage can be used as a standalone application however, its power in automation fully comes to light when used in conjunction with Flow and Transport for automatic feed of cargo data.



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