Complete visibility of all third-party rental items

Hire provides two functions, it can be a hire rental management tool for a rental company or from a operator perspective, provide consolidated visibility and tracking of all offshore third-party rental items.

Cost management

Consolidated visibility of total costs associated with hire items, including costs for items marked as out of certification or past the agreed return date. Data can be viewed as a total across multiple assets or segregated by vendor or location.

High-cost rental tracking

Set flag against high-cost rental items and view status and cost through dedicated high-cost rental report.

Receipt and dispatch

Offshore function allows items to be received or dispatched using barcode feature. Hire also provides visibility of items due for return in the next 3 / 7 days to support cargo return planning.

Key features

Role level security manages access to commercial information

Vendor system API integration
can be supported

Financial trending reporting –
per vendor and asset

Supports part batch receipt of consumables

Invoice comparison

Create new hires directly
in the application

Hire integrates seamlessly

Hire can be used as a standalone application or integrated with Flow and Transport for more detailed rental item status and automatic ‘off-hiring’ based on events in line with commercial terms.



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