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01 There are quite a lot of modules within Lighthouse, do I have to buy them all?


Not at all, our Lighthouse consultants can work with your business to understand your pain points and prescribe the right bundle of applications to deliver the highest ROI in line with your business needs.

02 What are Lighthouse's security credentials?


We recognise the importance of data security for our clients and with that in mind Lighthouse has been developed with security at its core. 


To provide peace of mind for our clients, Lighthouse:

  • Is accredited to ISO 27001
  • Undergoes annual web application vulnerability testing 
  • Uses Azure Cloud for hosting applications – which also supports local region deployment
  • Can be deployed as stand alone, dedicated instance application
  • Has single sign-on capability and customer active directory integration
  • Has offline capability
03 Can you integrate with active directory?


We sure can!

04 Are there any hardware requirements for Lighthouse?


Lighthouse is entirely web based on the Azure cloud so there is no need for any physical server infrastructure.  Some of our applications (Flow, Manage, Transport) support in the field operations and so you will need tablet devices for these if you want to use these features.

05 How widely used is Lighthouse?


Lighthouse began operating back in 2012 with our landing product eCargo (now Flow), since then we have added functionality, which has become the ecosystem you see today.  Lighthouse is used in all Peterson operations around the globe, we also have a number of non-Peterson customers using it as well.

06 What kind of integrations do you support?


Preferably via API, however we can accommodate other integration approaches if required

07 Do you provide training as part of implementation?


Absolutely, we are here to make sure that your implementation is not only a success but that Lighthouse is fully adopted and embedded with your business.

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