Managed allocation of costs

Built to support the vessel pooling model, Allocate calculates and allocates each partner’s monthly share of all operational costs, taking into account variable factors, such as all supply base activities, actual used vessel capacity and handling time per offshore installation.

Calculation engine

A sophisticated calculation engine eliminates manual effort in applications like Excel.

Flexible integration options

Allocate can operate as a standalone application or integrate with existing Lighthouse applications as required.

Multiple billing allocation options

The highly-configurable set up within Allocate allows for multiple allocation and billing scenarios.

Key features

Provide and capture Voyage reporting data of vessels

Single source of truth for billing allocation to financial entities

Billing scenario testing
before locking output

Easily searchable
and exportable

Detailed billing breakdown by period, operator and vessel

Track vessel bulk transactions,
fuel and water consumption

Allocate integrates seamlessly

Allocate can be used as a standalone application or integrated with Flow, Request and Voyage




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