Plan and manage in-port vessel activities

Centralised management and planning tool for the scheduling of all harbour movements and vessel activities. By visualizing data across various information screens, control tower teams have a clear view of all vessel activities across the port (or multiple regions).

Suggestion Engine

Plan's unique suggestion engine, suggests the most optimised planning configuration based on a number of variables (berth availability, bulk vendor location, pump rate, ETD).


Planning information is visualised interactively to support improved user and customer visibility.

ETD Management

Management and tracking of ETD changes and impacts to support real time ETD compliance reporting.

Key features

Built to support changing demands

Record additional plan impacting factors (e.g. berth shut down)

beyond tomorrow

One system, many ports, one source of truth

Built in
planning rules

Performance reporting
and benchmarking

Plan integrates seamlessly

Plan can be used as a standalone application or integrated with Flow providing a direct connection to cargo quantity and bulk requirement data.  In addition, by connecting to Voyage, Plan can display planning information direct to the vessel.





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