Developed by industry experts

Lighthouse was developed by international energy logistics and supply chain solutions company Peterson.

Decades of operational experience put us in the perfect place to build the technology of the future. We are an established digital partner with a strong track record in implementing trusted technology solutions that transform clients’ businesses.

Your business doesn’t need more systems: you need easier access to the data and insights.

Your business doesn’t need more systems: you need easier access to data and insights.

How do we know this?

Because that’s where we found ourselves. Some years back, we realised we needed our own logistics “spreadsheet exterminator”.

Frustrated by the lack of a core single data source, we digitalised our operations and launched “e-cargo”. This grew into a connected system, “e-logistics”, which eventually evolved into Lighthouse.

The technology we use every single day

Designed by industry experts, we are leading the way in transforming how we plan, manage and execute the global movement of critical resources.

We know this because it’s the technology we use every single day. And we are continually refining and making improvements based on real-life working conditions.

Real time data, advanced analytics and machine learning are used to build supply chains which are faster, more robust, and more responsive to change. And you can rely on built-in industry-recognised health & safety compliance.

Seamless integration

The solutions within Lighthouse seamlessly integrate with one another to trigger business processes automatically, without manual intervention.

No more raking through emails and spreadsheets to find that vital piece of the jigsaw: now you can have the data at your fingertips.


Our suite of technology solutions provides our clients with full visibility across their entire supply chain, ensuring they always have a complete and accurate picture of their operations.

Want to know more?

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